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If you are interested in adopting, please call or email us.


If kittens are available for adoption, they will be posted on our Petfinder and Facebook pages.


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How to adopt a cat or kittens while the shelter is closed to the public

Cats and kittens available for adoption are advertised on our Petfinder and Facebook pages. They are in short supply, so if you see an animal you are interested in you need to act quickly. The fastest way to do that is to send an inquiry via Petfinder about a specific cat. It also helps if you tell us a bit about yourself. We then email you a questionnaire. If we feel you and the cat are a good match, someone on the adoption team will call you and conduct a more in-depth telephone interview and tell you more about the cat. If it still looks like a good match, we will set up an appointment for you to meet the cat under strict minimal-contact conditions. If you then decide to adopt the cat, you will fill out the adoption application and agreement, pay the adoption fee and we will transfer the cat to you as safely as possible. Thank you for your patience!

Cat Tip of the Month: How to Choose Litter

It used to be that there was only one type of litter - the standard, non-clumping clay litter. However, the choices have expanded dramatically and now you can buy litter made from wood chips, grains and other plant materials, recycled newspaper and silica gel, as well as, the original clay. Many are scoopable, some are eco-friendly or help control odors and a few can even monitor your cat for urinary tract issues or diabetes. So how do you decide what is best for your cat?

When you first get your cat, start with the same type of litter he has been using. Your new cat will be dealing with a lot of changes. Getting used to a new home may be a major adjustment for him and if you change his litter, it might cause him to stop using the pan. Once he is comfortable in his new place, you can try offering a choice of litters, but be sure he still has a pan with his old litter to use. Another way to transition your cat, is to gradually add small amounts of the new litter to one of his boxes and see how he likes it. 

When choosing a different type of litter, you should remember that some of the options will be beneficial to your cat. Cats using low-dust litters will avoid breathing in particulates that might hurt them and litters that monitor your cat's health (bladder or urinary issues) can be lifesaving. Others are purely for your convenience. Many of us like to use eco-friendly products and if you find one that your cat likes, go for it. Scoopable litters make cleaning the pan much easier and litters with odor control makes the pan much more pleasant to be around.  Some litters are flushable and some are lightweight which can make carrying it from the car to the house easier!

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