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Lost & Found

Is Your Cat Missing?

Here is a checklist to help you find your missing cat.

  1. Email us at with a complete description of your cat, your name, address and phone number. We keep a log of lost cats in case they come to our shelter. We will also post a picture of your cat and the location it was lost from if we have them. Due to the number of calls about lost cats, we are unable to call you unless we think we have found your cat.
  2. Look in trees in your area--sometimes cats are running from predators and climb so high they are afraid to comeback down. We have rescued cats that have been stuck in a tree for several days, even through bad weather. Call your cat and listen for a response.
  3. Put up signs with a picture in your neighborhood and check neighboring garages, sheds and places cats can hide or be trapped.
  4. Place a free ad in the Falmouth Enterprise. Post a notice on the local missing pet web sites.
  5. Check your local veterinary offices.
  6. Keep in touch with us--we may find your cat many months later. Visit the shelter during open hours every few weeks. Check our cats for adoption. Although we keep a list of missing cats, we might not recognize a cat that has been lost for many weeks. Often people take in a stray cat and don't report it as "found" for several weeks or longer.

Help prevent your cat from hiding or running away

A common reason that cats hide or run away is unusual activity in the home. Summer guests, workmen and kids home from school make a cat's environment less predictable and often scary. So that your cat doesn't get the opportunity to escape, or even if it is an indoor/outdoor cat, put him in a quiet room with his food, water and litter box until the commotion is over.

Consider micro-chipping your cat. Many times we have been able to reunite micro-chipped cats with their owners.

Found A Cat?

If the cat appears friendly or well-cared for, it may be a stray. Follow the guidelines above. Check with your neighbors first, then call People for Cats-508-540-5654. We may have already received a call from someone looking for the cat you found. If not, we will take it in at the shelter. In the meantime, you can provide some food and water for it during daylight hours. Be sure to take up any leftover food at dusk to avoid attracting other animals.

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