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Rescuing a Cat or Kitten

Lost or abandoned cats

If a cat is hanging around your property and appears homeless, or you discover an abandoned or an injured cat, please call us for assistance. We receive many calls about lost cats and the cat you found may belong to someone. Please call our hotline - 508-540-5654.

If abandoned outdoors, cats cannot fend for themselves as many people think they can. When we find them they are often thin and traumatized.

Feral cats

A cat that does not trust humans because it has been abandoned or lost and has been living on its own, or was born in the wild, is referred to as "feral." Our Trap/Neuter/Return program prevents homelessness by neutering feral cats so they will not produce offspring. After surgery and vaccination against rabies, they are returned to their neighborhood.

If you discover kittens - often under a deck or a shed - please call us right away. If found young enough, we usually can socialize feral kittens so they can be adopted.

As they get older, we are less successful and if not socialized, they will need to be returned to their original location after being spayed or neutered and vaccinated against rabies.

Calling us immediately can make the difference between having a home or living as wildlife.

How to tell if a cat is stray or feral

Stray Feral

A stray may approach you, your house, deck or car

A feral will avoid you and hide

May walk with tail up, a sign of friendliness

Will crouch and walk low to the ground

Will usually make eye contact

Unlikely to make eye contact; pupils may be dilated

May be vocal or respond to your voice

Will not make any sound or beg

Will be out mostly during the daytime

More likely to be out at night and sometimes during the day

May be be dirty, unkempt; may look thin

Will probably have a clean, well-kept coat. Males with a wide face and muscular body, and/or scars from fighting are more likely to be feral

Will not have an ear tip

Will have an ear tip if neutered/spayed as part of a TNR (trap-neuter-return) program

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